Steps to configure Jenkins with AWS SNS for Build Status Notification

  1. Create SNS Topic and Subscriptions in AWS console:
  2. Create IAM user with AmazonSNSFullAccess:
  3. Jenkins Configuration to update AWS IAM & SNS Values to Send Build status

a. Click Manage Jenkins from the left-hand side menu.

b. Click on Manage Plugins from the right-hand side.

To quickly start all the things just do this:

$ kubectl apply \

This will create the namespace `monitoring` and bring up all components in there.
To shut down all components again you can just delete that namespace:

$ kubectl delete namespace monitoring

## Default Dashboards

If you want to re-import the default dashboards from this setup run this job:

$ kubectl apply \

In case the job already exists from an earlier run, delete it before:

$ kubectl-- namespace monitoring delete job grafana-import-dashboards

To access grafana you can use port forward functionality:

$ kubectl port-forward--namespace…

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