Agile + DevOps = Innovation in Software Development

Agile + DevOps helps to deliver the matured products to Achieve faster time to market by Adopting the changes and Automating the delivery process.

Agile: Ability to move quickly & easily to development

DevOps: Ability to move quickly & easily to Development and Operations

together Agile DevOps: Ways to get things Done

Fail-fast Agile and well-planned DevOps can fit together to drive innovation and will transform from silos to Culture shifts.

DevOps is an extension of Agile. Agile focuses on helping software developers create better software faster. Now that many corporations are hosting their own software in the “Cloud,” there is a need for these Agile practices to be extended to the hosting (operations) side of things. DevOps focuses on helping teams create, deploy, and host software faster and more resiliently.

In a nutshell, Agile works towards software development by making alterations, adapting, and developing products as per customer expectations. While DevOps through automated processes and bug detection at an early stage of software development focuses primarily on deploying products of high quality.

Agile along with DevOps has a collaborative working style, irrespective of the method implemented. Both the methodologies rely on continual feedback and routine updates about the work progress from internal and external stakeholders. way to integrate processes in order to help your business become more effective and efficient.

Agile DevOps

The iterative, collaborative models of Agile and DevOps changed the way we deliver software. But adopting these models requires more than just continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery — it requires a complete mind shift.

The most common bottlenecks in the software delivery lifecycle often turn out to be environments, testing, and communication. (How many times have we heard “But it works on my machine”?)

To avoid such cases, it’s important to automate the environment setup process by identifying all the steps necessary to set up a machine and scripting them using infrastructure as code and configuration automation tools, in conjunction with service virtualization. It’s also essential to either give developers and testers the ability to spin up preconfigured environments on-demand or to have dedicated, stable environments with consistent monitoring and alerts set up in case something doesn’t work as expected.

Choosing to use both Agile & DevOps can lead to more rational decision making & Improving the company Culture also increases the efficiency of production software.