Jenkins Integration with AWS SNS for Build Status Notification

Steps to configure Jenkins with AWS SNS for Build Status Notification

  1. Create SNS Topic and Subscriptions in AWS console:
  2. Create IAM user with AmazonSNSFullAccess:
  3. Jenkins Configuration to update AWS IAM & SNS Values to Send Build status

a. Click Manage Jenkins from the left-hand side menu.

b. Click on Manage Plugins from the right-hand side.

c. Click on the Available tab.

d. Search for Amazon SNS Build Notifier and then check the checkbox and click the Install without restart button.

e. Go back to Manage Jenkins and then Click on Configure system.

f. Goto the Amazon SNS Notification section and Provide the AWS Access Key & AWS Secret Key also SNS Topic ARN

Amazon SNS Notification config in Configure system

g. Go to your project and click on the Configure button and then Goto the Post-build Actions and Select Amazon SNS Notifier also Give the SNS Topic ARN, Subject, and Message

Post-build notification config for SNS Notifier

h. Click Apply and Save the Jenkins configuration

i. Click the Build Now button.

j. Once the build starts, you’ll get notifications in your inbox

Jenkins build status Notification email